Seer User Guide


a framework for rapid development of interactive audio visual environments in Scala

What is Seer?

Seer is a collection of code and modules that I've found helpful in developing interactive graphical worlds for artistic installations and performances. Seer also enables the live development of worlds through on-the-fly compiliation of Scala scripts.

Right now it is a simple collection of helper objects and libraries that provide tools for working with 3D environments, meshes, shaders, audio, video, OSC, scheduable events, and live-coding. It is designed to be extensible with existing modules for using openni, opencv, portaudio, osx trackpad, video, vrpn..

Seer currently uses libGDX as its application foundation, providing cross platform opengl and windowing backends for desktop and mobile environments.

Why Scala?

Scala is a hybrid language combining object oriented programming and functional programming under one roof. Scala aims to cut down on boilerplate code and provide an expressive experience.

I have found working in scala to be both productive and fun. As an artist and a programmer working on building interactive audio visual environments, having a tool that is both fun and flexible is quite helpful.